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Recipe: Homemade Potpourri from your Raw Rutes Dehydrator

     We're always surprised to learn about the unusual uses that folks have found for their dehydrators. We've certainly gotten adventurous ourselves, using our own Raw Rutes Dehydrator for everything from making yogurt to sprouting seedlings for the garden! One of the more interesting uses we've come up with is for drying flowers into potpourri. Finally a great way to put cut flowers to use once their beauty starts to fade!
Here's how we do it:
  • Remove the flower stems and spread Rose, Daisy or other flower petals across the dehydrator tray. 
  • Mix some orange peels in for a nice color contrast.
  • Put the trays in your dehydrator and set to around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A little hotter or colder will be just fine for this application.
  • Dry your flowers until they become brittle and delicate. 
  • Remove the flower petals/orange peels from the dehydrator mix with cracked cinnamon sticks, anise stars or cloves for a visual and aromatic appeal.
  • You can also add a few droplets of scented or essential oils at this time, if desired. 
  • Store in a sealed container or jar until ready to use.
  • Incorporate into a variety of crafty gifts and make all of your friends jealous of your creative abilities!

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