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Recipe: Homemade Kale Chips from your Raw Rutes Dehydrator

     By now you've probably heard your friends talking about kale chips, and maybe you've even seen them in tiny bags in the grocery store. The good news is that they are super easy to make in your dehydrator, and they're delicious! Before we branch into the recipes for more adventurous varieties, we're going to give you the basics on making simple kale chips using just sea salt, black pepper and olive oil. Don't worry, they won't disappoint:
  • Take one bunch of kale (preferably organic) and wash thoroughly. Using kitchen scissors, carefully remove the stems from the center of the leaves. 
  • After removing the stems, ensure that the kale pieces are all bite size. About the size of a silver dollar.
  • Toss the kale pieces with 1-2 Tablespoons of olive oil, 1/2tsp sea salt (or to taste), and freshly ground black pepper (to taste).
  • Arrange the pieces on your dehydrator trays so that none are touching each other.
  • Dehydrate between 105-115F for about 8-10 hours (overnight). Chips may require little less or a little more time depending on the kale's moisture content.
  • Remove chips when they are brittle and crispy.
  • To store. Keep the chips in a brown paper bag and consume within a few days, or store in a glass jar with a little white rice on the bottom (absorbs moisture and keeps chips crispy). 
  • Enjoy, and stay tuned for more dehydrator ideas!

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