Raw Rutes Nutmilk Filter Bag
Raw Rutes

Raw Rutes Nutmilk Filter Bag

We've teamed up with our friends at Coffeesock Co. in Austin Texas to design a filter bag specifically for our Raw Rutes Nutmilk and Fruit Presses. Here's what you'll love: Each bag is hand-cut and double stitched from USDA Certified, Reusable, Organic, Sustainably-Grown cotton in the U.S.A. by their talented seamstresses! Great Karma and no yucky chemicals to ingest!

Just blend or food process your favorite nuts with water (after soaking them over night), line your press basket with the bag, pour the mixture in and start pressing! The hand-tie string gives you the option to tie the bag up, or alternately just fold the top of the bag over the edges of your press basket. This bag has been carefully designed and tested with our 2.5 Liter Nutmilk Presses in mind, but can be used on it's own as well.

You can also use the bag for creating some absolutely delicious and earthy cold brewed coffee, with many health benefits! Check out our Cold Brew Coffee Kit page to see all the benefits.

If you're looking for the perfect filter bag for pressing nutmilk, soy milk and a variety of seed milks, look no further than our Raw Rutes Nutmilk Filter Bag! 

Dimensions 12" Long by 10" Across.