Air Plant Care Tips

While they're pretty easy to take care of, they still need a little love. Here's a few extra tips for caring for your air plants:
  • Fresh air is your friend. Keep your air plant in an area that gets some air circulation.
  • Mist your plant daily or every other day in the warmer months and once a week in the cooler ones
  • You can fertilize your plant once a month during the spring and summer by filling your mister with a diluted batch of orchid or other low nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Full sunlight is the enemy. Aim for partial shade and indirect sunlight.
  • Keep your air plant in a warm place, that
  • Although they love warm weather, most air plants need protection from full sun. If it's a type that grows naturally wild on trees, keep it in moist, partial shade. If it is a ground type, such as T. cyanea or T. lindenii, grow it indoors in bright, filtered light and outdoors in partial or dappled shade.
  • Avoid cold (below 45 degrees) warm temperatures are your air plant's friend.