Calculating Raw Rutes Stainless Steel Dehydrator Energy Use

Occasionally we receive the questions regarding how much energy our dehydrators use. Many folks have discussed how to determine dehydrator energy use around the web and generally speaking, their formulas are right. Having said that, due to Raw Rutes Dehydrators Green-Stat technology these methods will not give you an accurate reading, as our dehydrators thermostats constantly cycle on and off to reduce energy consumption and maintain consistent temperatures.

To get started with how much energy Raw Rutes Dehydrators use we'll need to discuss how energy is calculated. Your local electric company bills you in Kilowatt Hours. If you're REALLY interested, here's how Kilowatts actually break down:

One watt is equal to 1 J/s. One kilowatt-hour is equal to 3.6 megajoules, which is the amount of energy converted if work is done at an average rate of one thousand watts for one hour.

The bottom line? 1 kw is equal to a 1000 Watt Appliance operating for one hour.  Hair Dryers, Toasters, Blenders all draw the wattage they are rated for whenever they are turned on. Whether that's 750 watts, 1000 watts etc. Raw Rutes Dehydrators are rated at 800 Watts, however, thanks to their Green-Stat Thermostat technology, they are only drawing this much wattage when the heating element cycles on. As the element cycles off once the unit is warm, the wattage drops dramatically to (less that 50 watts). As a result, over the course of several hours, your actual energy use balances out quite nicely. We've calculated the actual wattage used for a few popular temperatures for you below.

    Room Temp ~70° Operating Temperature
    Hours 105° 125° 145° 165°
    2 .20kW .40kW .80kW 1kW
    4 .40Kw .80kW 1.60kW 2kW
    6 .60kW 1.2kW 2.4kW 3kW
    8 .80kW 1.6kW 3.2kW 4kW


    Using the National Average of .12 Cents Per kW, here's some cost estimates:

    Operating Temperature
    Hours 105° 125° 145° 165°
    2 .02 Cents .04 Cents .09 Cents .12 Cents
    4 .04 Cents .08 Cents .18 Cents .24 Cents
    6 .06 Cents .14 Cents .28 Cents .36 Cents
    8 .08 Cents .20 Cents .38 Cents .48 Cents


    So, what you'll need to know to determine your energy usage is:

    1. The cost your electric company is charging you per kW (National Average .12 Cents Per kW hour)
    2. The temperature you are running your dehydrator at
    3. The amount of time you are running your dehydrator
    4. This Chart for reference

    As you can see, dehydrating is actually a very GREEN Practice thanks in large part to Raw Rutes Dehydrators Green-Stat thermostat technology. Of course it's important to note that ambient room temperature can change your results a little bit, as can loading the dehydrator full of dense items that will absorb a lot of heat. In general to save even more energy make sure to load that dehydrator full of goodies rather than running it half empty! :D