How Do You Fit Into This Story?

Once there was a time. A time when people grew their own fruits and veggies from heirloom seeds. Seeds that they'd saved from the year before. And the year before that. Regardless of whether they lived in apartments, row houses or on homesteads. They ate berries and sugar snap peas fresh from the vine. They dried & smoked, kneaded & baked and even had time to sit on the porch when they were all done. That time wasn't so very long ago, and it's not as hard to bring it back as you think.

Every time you brew your own hard cider or strawberry wine, every time you fill a barrel or fermenting crock with veggies from your own garden, and every time you can your own tomato sauce fresh from the vine you're keeping the story alive. We've shipped products to every continent, except for Antartica, and you guys never cease to amaze us. The projects you're doing, the stories you tell, the businesses you run and the traditions you inspire others with.

Whether you're a beekeeper pressing honey combs, a gentleman farmer brewing cider, a grandmother making healthy meals for her grandchildren, a backpacker drying snacks or a surfer dudette making some serious, homemade tofu tacos. Thanks for keeping to story going. You're some beautiful people.