Where Is It Made?

Where is it made?

If you're anything like us, you want to feel good about the products you buy. Knowing where they are made, knowing who makes them and knowing whether they're built to the standards of quality seek. If there's one thing we can say to put your mind at ease, it's this: We work with the very best in their fields. 

That means that week seek out the best woodworkers. In the case of our cabbage shredders and graters, they're made in Slovenia. A country that is heavily forested, with not just a strong woodworking tradition but a strong tradition of preserving and protecting their forests. 

We also seek the best metal fabricators. The Great Lakes Region and in particular, Buffalo, has been producing and fabricating metal for quite some time, thanks in part to lots of clean electricity and energy coming from Niagara Falls. That's why we feel great sourcing so many of our stainless products from a few carefully chosen suppliers in the Buffalo Area.

Tomato Strainers? Remember, we seek only the best. That's why our machines are produced by one of the top tomato strainer companies in... You guessed it! Italy! Because, well. Do we really need to explain this one?

You can feel good knowing that we seek out the best people to make our products! These hardworking men and women hang their hats, aprons and helmets up at the end of the day knowing that they've produced something that has real value.