Coffee Lovers Gift Box - Eco Friendly Coffee Stirrers

A unique gift for that coffee lover on your list that has everything! These eco-friendly coffee stir sticks come nicely packaged in a small wooden tray, decorated with some loose beans for aroma and a mini holiday tree for a festive look.

These Coffee Squiggle Sticks are reusable stirring sticks for your favorite morning drink. They offer a fun spin on a simple tool that helps you evenly blend coffee drinks, iced teas, or short cocktails.

We are super proud and very excited to say this product is BORN and MADE in Lancaster, NY! The Squiggle Sticks are made from FDA approved stainless steel with a 60% minimum recycled content. Add a little fun to your next cup of coffee.

- Total of 8 Eco-Friendly Coffee Stir Sticks
- Dishwasher safe!
- Flat for Easy Storage
- Constructed from High Quality Stainless Steel

Made in our Shop in Lancaster, NY


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