Organic Black Soybeans
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Organic Black Soybeans

You've probably heard the news. 93% of U.S. Soybeans are GMO! That's Gross. Dude. These beans are different. These beans are better. These beans are... Cool beans...

Black soybeans are easier to digest than yellow soybeans, and they can be used to be an awesome looking (and tasting) black tofu block! Talk about being a bad-ass. Nothing is as unexpected as serving up black tofu to your guests. Keep them guessing, keep them coming back. Remember: You're a Tofu Ninja!

Organically Grown and GMO Free these beans have lived a good life on the Canadian Prairie and are here to help you make some delicious, homemade tofu or other traditional dishes. 

Net. Wt. 1lb

Product of USA 🇺🇸