Learn: Homemade Dehydrated Potatoes from your Raw Rutes Dehydrator

9xtech Collaborator | 11 June, 2016

            Learn: Homemade Dehydrated Potatoes from your Raw Rutes Dehydrator

dehydrating potatoes with your dehydrator

Whether you're looking to store potatoes from your garden or trying to reduce weight for camping and backpacking meals, drying potatoes in your dehydrator is an awesome way to accomplish both these things! 

First of all, lets clear something up: Dehydrating potatoes is not going to give you Lays style potato chips. You're going to end up with a finished potato product very similar to the potatoes you find in au gratin style boxed potatoes you can buy in the grocery store but without the preservatives. Let's get started:

  • Peel the potatoes 
  • Using a mandoline style slicer, cut them into 1/4" thick circles
  • Blanch: This step is important. If you don't blanch the potatoes before you dry them, they're going to get gray and gross. Water's cheap. Fill a pot full of it and bring it to a boil. Drop the potatoes in for around four minutes. 
  • Once the potatoes get fork tender or close to it, pull them out! 
  • Lay them out on your dehydrator trays so they are not touching. 
  • Dehydrate at 135° degrees for 8-10 hours or until they are nice and dry. How will you know? They should snap in half, almost like a dry lasagna noodle.
  • Pull the potatoes out and them cool to room temperature.

Now you can store them in jars, bags, whatever you like! They can be rehydrated with hot water, and used in any kind of a dish you like!

Note: You can also shred the potatoes instead of slicing them, or cube them (and then blanch them) to make ultra-portable instant hash browns! Nice!