Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I return this? 

A. Did you just buy it recently? Probably. Check out our returns page for more information.


Q. Do you offer Overnight Delivery, expedited delivery?

A. We don't. We offer one medium-fast shipping speed and it's 2-4 business days. It could be a little faster than that depending on where you live. 

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes! All the time. We frequently ship to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and of course CANADA!!! It's not exactly cheap. You can add the item you like to your cart, enter your shipping info and get a live rate estimate before you order. Please note: We currently do not ship our larger items like Dehydrators, Fruit Presses and Tomato Strainers internationally due to high risk of damages. For Canadian customers, if you have access to a mailing address in the U.S., you could provide that.

Please Note: You will be responsible for any local province taxes or duties associated with the purchase. 

Tofu Presses:

Q. Is the Tofu Ninja Press or Tofu Sumo Press is better for draining tofu?

A. Many people wonder if the Tofu Sumo Press is better at pressing tofu because of the added holes along the sides. While some liquid will flow out from these holes, it doesn't remove any more liquid than the Tofu Ninja. Both will do a great job of removing liquid form tofu. Both presses utilize a removable plate in the bottom of the press, and a small gap around the edge of that plate is how both presses drain the liquid from tofu.

Q. How do I Press Tofu?

A. Here's some great thoughts on it! Check it out here.

Q. Why is Your Raw Rutes Tofu Press more expensive than the other ones out there?

A. Because it's Stainless Steel, it's American Made, and it's Built Forever. You'll never buy another tofu press again. Here's a few more thoughts on that.

Q. Is my tofu press dishwasher safe? 

A. Lots of people do put them in the top rack of the dishwasher on a low temperature setting with good results. Just skip the drying cycle and sanitizing setting and don't use too much soap. Why? Drying cycles can be so hot that they fade the color of the knob over time. And Soap? Too much of it can leave a hazy residue on stainless steel.

Q. Can I wash my tofu press in the dishwasher?

A. We don't recommend it. Soap scum can build up and leave a haze on the metal. It'll come off, but not without some scrubbing on your part. Having said that, people do put them in the dishwasher all the time. 

Q. Can I use a Raw Rutes Tofu Press to make homemade tofu?

A. Absolutely! It was originally designed for just this purpose. Just line it with muslin, cheesecloth or something like that and use your favorite tofu recipe. We also have one here.

Q. What is the difference between the Tofu Ninja Press and the Tofu Sumo Press?

A. Aesthetics. The Tofu Sumo Press features laser cut designs on two sides. These holes do not necessarily improve drainage or tofu making ability.  The Sumo also has as a red knob instead of the standard black one. The reason for this? If we put a red knob on the Tofu Ninja, people would laugh and call him names like: Rudolph the Red Knobbed Ninja... 

Q. Do I need to use cheesecloth in my tofu press every time?

A. For making homemade tofu? Yes. For draining already made tofu? No. Although... If you want to REALLY, REALLY remove moisture, press the block twice! Once without cheesecloth and then a second time WITH cheesecloth for maximum drying.


Fruit/Wine Presses:

Q. What should I lubricate the threaded rod with?

A. The threaded rod on Harvest Fiesta Fruit Presses is the only Non-Stainless component. It's for strength and durability. We suggest lubricating it from time to time with a light brushing of our Food Grade Grease.

Q. Can I press _______ with the Harvest Fiesta Fruit Press?

A. We get this question a lot. Generally speaking, The Harvest Fiesta Fruit Press will press any soft fruits and some soft veggies that have been crushed or chopped in a food processor or fruit crusher. To name some of the things people have effectively pressed with the Harvest Fiesta Fruit Press: Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Coconut (Shredded and soaked in warm water), Lychee Fruit, Honey Combs , Pineapple, Almonds (soaked and pureed in water), Frozen or Canned Spinach. + more that we can't think of right now. 


Fermenting Crocks:

Q. What is a water channel and why do I want one on my crock?

A. The water channel around the rim allows natural gases (a byproduct of fermentation)  to escape, without allowing outside air into the crock. Crocks with straight sides (and no water channel) often get mold on the surface of the food or brine from exposure to air. 

Q. What should I fill the water channel with?

A. Since the water can sit in the rim for days or even weeks at a time, we suggest filling the rim with a brine made of 1 Cup filtered water and 1 tsp sea salt. That way, if you accidentally splash a little into the crock while checking on your veggies, no harm will come from it.


Tomato Strainers:

Q. Tell me more about your tomato strainers????

A. We've assembled a little tomato strainer buying guide talking about the features on the tomato strainers we sell. We've narrowed down a few features you may have not given much thought to, but make a big difference. You can check it out here.


Q. Why is your tomato strainer more expensive than the plastic one I saw somewhere else for less?

A. Our strainers are Made in Italy, from real metal. The strainer you saw for less is most certainly one that is Made in China from some type of plastic.  Often they tend to leak or wear out quickly. Lots of top notch things come out of Italy: Tomato Strainers, Vespas, Ferraris, and even your Uncle Joey! 

Q. Do the tomatoes need to be boiled/blanched or peeled before processing? 

A. No! We've seen videos of this floating around with other tomato strainers of....questionable quality. Our suspicion is that this is done to help ease the strain on the inferior tomato strainers motor.... By all means, cut them up if you like, but process those little guys raw! You'll save time and preserve more of their nutritional value. 

Q. Do you sell replacement Reber Tomato Strainer Parts?

A. Yes. We stock parts for all of our Reber Tomato Straienr models, as well offering a sweet folding table designed for them, and additional food strainer cones/screens with different hole sizes.

Q. Can I make applesauce with my tomato strainer?

A. Yes, definitely. The stock screen is a good size for this project.  In this case, steam the apples until they pierce easily with a knife first. No need to peel them or seed them. The strainer will take care of that.