Introducing: Raw Rutes Square Rutes and Rute Cubed Dehydrator Series

A.W. Cornwell | 18 November, 2012

We all love the local and homegrown in our lives. For some folks that means growing your own veggies in the backyard. To others it means having a favorite produce stand along a quaint country road. As the blazing summer turns to the crisp of fall, many of us relish activities like apple picking, mushroom foraging and canning. Another art that is often overlooked is dehydrating. Whether it's jerky, apples, mushrooms, or root vegetables like potatoes and beets, a dehydrator is a handy kitchen appliance for preserving  and storing the foods you love, without destroying their nutritional content.

Here at Raw Rutes we're always looking for new products to help you make the most of these time honored traditions. We are very excited to tell you a little more about our new Square Rutes and Rute Cubed dehydrator series. We've teamed up with a USA manufacturer ( who are known for their U.S.A. made stainless steel smokers and dehydrators) to create our very own line of Raw Rutes dehydrators. Everything from cutting the sheets of stainless steel (and there's almost 35 pounds of it!) to assembling and soldering the circuits, to printing and applying the chalkboard labels (in case you get bored waiting for your snacks to dry) happens right here in Buffalo, NY. We asked a few our Raw Rutes team members to share what dehydrators mean to them in a little video:


A few other things to feel good about: Stainless Steel is a green product! More than 60% of the charge that goes into the furnace for making stainless steel is scrap, meaning it's recycled! This unit is anything but scrap though, it's built to provide you and those you love with dependable service for decades to come. We've also teamed up with a local packaging company to design a shipping box that requires only cardboard (no plastic, foam or peanuts). 


The possibilities are endless! Crunchy, flavorful and all natural snacks prepared in a flash! Whether it's for fruit leathers, apple chips or flax seed crackers, we hope you'll give the Raw Rutes dehydrator series a try! 

Happy Harvesting!

~A.W. Cornwell - Director of Sales

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