Introducing: Sagaform Kitchen Farming Pots & Kitchen Tools.

A.W. Cornwell | 25 August, 2014

Here at Raw Rutes We're always searching for products with stories, sustainability and style! That's why we are so excited to be working with Sagaform! The folks at Sagaform may be based in Sweden, but they hold manufacturers of their products to a strict Code of Conduct. What is this code all about? It requires all of their suppliers and manufacturers to adhere to strict policies prohibiting discrimination and child labor and regulates salaries, working hours, factory conditions and safety regulations. It also allows workers the freedom to join and form unions. Additionally, Sagaform's suppliers must make sure that their own suppliers strive to decrease the use of virgin raw materials, and limit the discharge of  air polution and limit their energy use. Inspectors from Sagaform and their parent company New Wave perform continuous checks and unannounced visits to ensure that no children are working in the production of their products and that other criteria are met. New Wave and Sagaform also strive to play a role in building better communities for those working in their plants, one example being the New Wave School, which over 250 children in Jue Xi, China attend. New Wave also is a member of the Clean Shipping Project which evaluates shippers entire fleets for environmental impact based on 20 checkpoints. Only the shippers who pass the test are used.

Just a few reasons to feel good about your purchase! Thinking locally and acting globally is the way of the future, and we're excited to embrace it!

-A.W. Cornwell - Director of Sales

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