Raw Rutes Kitchen Farming Collection

Marta Stanuszek | 24 June, 2013

Kitchen Farming is Here!

Thanks to the Swedish designer Marita Lord, from Cult Design, Raw Rutes is very excited to bring these farming pots right to your kitchen counters (and ours)! 

These beautifully crafted terracotta pots have self-watering reservoirs, which make it oh-so-easy to start your own kitchen farm. Just think of the possibilities! Your own fresh supply of herbs, shoots, and sprouts ready for the picking. These vitamin packed, mineral rich goodies can be harvested as early as 4-7 days. Say good bye to the wilted herbs & sprouts that you end up tossing from the grocery store and say hello to a healthy, fresh supply, picked right from your kitchen.

Hello there fresh bean sprout salad, oh hey there fresh basil in my tomato sauce, what was that? You ask where the water-cress shoots are? Oh yes, growing right next to the juicer!

It honestly will not get any more local than this :)

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