Tofu Press How To

Learn: THE Ultimate Tofu Pressing Guide and Tips For Making Tofu Taste Amazing!

If you've happened across this page, the chances are pretty good that you realize there is an insider's secret to making delicious tofu and it has nothing to do with the cooking process! We're talking about Tofu PRESSING!

Let's talk a quick, quick minute about equipment. This is not a tofu press review. We're not going to compare and contrast tofu presses because RAW RUTES TOFU PRESSES ARE THE BEST. Don't settle for any of that other plastic junk out there. Just. Get it out of your mind. Spend the few extra bucks and buy it forever.

Now that we've established the parameters, we can move on to tofu pressing itself. Tofu Pressing is an ancient art form... A yeoman's craft... A task for lovers... Of TOFU. Easy there tiger. 

Time to get to it! To begin, lets identify the problem: When you purchase tofu in the store, it's VERY often sold in a small tray filled with water. This works great for longer storage and keeping the tofu from drying out or crumbling. If you've ever cooked tofu directly from the package, chances are that your results were a little less than lackluster. All that extra moisture doesn't cook out of the tofu, it just sits there. It doesn't make your tofu juicy either; it just makes it squishy and gross. 

It sounds crazy, that something so simple could have such an impact, but it does! You NEED to press your tofu! You can remove as much as 35% of the tofu's moisture content, which leads to a crispier, tastier product that will absorb flavors better, brown better and crisp up into something special! 

Here's just a couple reasons why Raw Rutes Tofu Presses Kick ASS:

  • Made in the USA by Our Super Cool Staff from Food Grade Stainless Steel. 
  • Super-Cool, Super-Shiney Polished Stainless-Steel Rockabilly Styling
  • Simple, Effective Design. Ditch the Heavy Books and Cast Iron Skillets, this Little Tofu Press gets the Pressing Job Done All on It's Own.
  • No Crappy Rubber Bands, Brittle Plastic, Stupid Springs or Any of That Garbage. 
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our tofu presses are simple! Just set it on a plate and pop your block of tofu in. Give the weight a slight push to assure that it's firmly seated on the tofu. AND LEAVE IT! 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 59 minutes? Whatever you like. You'll see a lot of water drip out of your tofu and that's good stuff right? 

A couple diehard tofu junkies who crave tofu that is dry like the desert or dry like your Aunt Edna's desserts have told us of their insider's secret: Two pressings. We're going to share this sage advice with you on a need to know basis. Because you NEED to know, right?

Psssst... Okay, so the ultimate secret for desert dry tofu is to first press the tofu for an hour as usual. THEN, take the tofu, wrap with two to three layers of cheesecloth and press again for another hour. 

That's it! Stir-Fry, Grill, Bake or Broil to Your heart's desire!