Tree Brunch - Gourmet Cocktail Pick Set

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The perfect brunch is all about stacking the right ingredients, stacking the right friends and letting those carefree hours stack up! Why not stack your favorite brunch cocktail with the mother lode of tasty, oh-so-crunchy garnishes using Bloody Mary Tree Brunch Picks?

Turn each cocktail into its own personal crudités by stacking on olives, pickles, peppers, cheese cubes, veggie chunks, fruit chunks, lemon wedges and more. Each pick is shaped like a beautiful tree of many branches. Appetizer chunks go on easily, stay on securely and perch beautifully for quick grabs. While these picks work incredibly beautifully with pint glasses, they can be used with a variety of cups to create memorable libation landscapes.

Your guests will love nibbling on crunchy, flavorful favorites plucked right from their cup rims while you put the finishing touches on your brunch spread. These are real conversation starters that will give your brunch guests a shared delight to discuss as they break the ice.

Designed for Bloody Marys, these drink picks work beautifully with a wide variety of other cocktails. Turn the branches into tropical fronds containing chunks of pineapple and papaya when exotic, tropical drinks are on the menu. These tree-shaped picks are strong and sturdy enough to hold up full appetizers and finger foods. Yes, you can even go wild with spiked milkshakes served with chicken strips and waffles! You'll feel confident serving your drinks using well-made, never-flimsy garnish picks.

We are super proud and very excited to say this product is BORN and MADE in Buffalo, NY! The Tree Brunch is made from FDA approved stainless steel with a 60% minimum recycled content. Each piece receives a special polishing before heading out to Bloody Mary lovers across America. Work Hard and Brunch Harder friends!

  • Set of Two
  • Dishwasher safe!
  • Flat for Easy Storage
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Buffalo, NY!
  • Constructed from Stainless Steel with 60% Recycled Content - 100% plastic free for a lifetime of use!

Packaged in a colorful gift envelope which includes a set of 2 Cocktail Picks. When ordering a Set of 6 you are purchasing 3 packages (for a total of 6 Cocktail Picks) Perfect for stocking stuffing!

Featured on Beautiful Booze! Check out the Green Goddess Verde Bloody Mary recipe below :



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