Swizzle Stick | Ultimate Tiki Tool

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This Swizzle Stick design is based on the traditional "Le Bois Lélé” tool, made famous in southern Caribbean cocktail preparation. Our Swizzle Stick is the ultimate bartender tool when crafting the ultimate Tiki drink is in order and 'no shaking' is permitted. Fits most cocktail shakers and cocktail glasses. The flat 6 spoked design can double as a muddler in a pinch.

Comes in 2 different finishes : Matte or High Gloss

  • Perfect for Mai Tai's, Dark n Stormys, Painkillers, or many other Tiki favorites!
  • Built Strong for Heavy Duty Use. 
  • Bartender APPROVED.
  • Includes 1 Stainless Steel Swizzle Stick
  • Made in our Shop in Lancaster, NY
  • Dimensions : 2 in x 12 in

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