Broadfork - U-Fork Garden Tool - USA Made

If no till, low till and other organic and sustainable farming practices are your path, our Raw Rutes Broadfork may be just the tool you're looking for! Use one of these handy tools to preserve soil structure while you loosen and aerate compacted garden beds and other growing areas. Our Raw Rutes Broad Forks are made in the USA from heavy, fully welded steel, powder coated with a UV resistant, durable paint and paired with Ash Handles - the result is a wonderful tool to work with. Five tines offer the perfect size for a variety of applications in many soil types. Tear up Tulips, Work Watermelon Patches and Till Tomato Beds with great results! 

Dimensions : Handles 48L" - Tines 12L" - Overall Width 20" 

Made in our Shop in Lancaster, NY

• The Raw Rutes Broadfork, also called a U-fork or grelinette, is used to manually break up densely packed soil in order to improve aeration and drainage.

• Broadforks are used as part of a no-till or reduced-till seedbed preparation process because they preserve the soil structure. 

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