Cedar Garden Sifter

MADE FROM SUSTAINABLE CEDAR LUMBER. Ideal material for outdoor use - Naturally resists the rot and decay that can happen with four seasons.

The mesh is a stainless steel grate that is far more durable and rigid than the screens and mesh typically used in sifters. The gaps are 3 / 8” across, as we’ve found this to be the perfect size for an all-purpose sifter.

The intermediate size of the sifter itself is ideal for sifting for individual pots and small gardens. You’ll find it perfect for sifting 1-2 shovel fulls at a time and it’s very manageable to hold.

Made in our Shop in Lancaster, NY


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Worked well

Very nice design, and I can see will last long time. I use to clean rocks from my garden beds

Very good

Works well for almost everything. I mostly use it for gravel in the garden and potting mix.

Otis T.
Heavy Duty Item

This is of a superior quality to most of the items I've seen in garden centers recently. I purchased via Amazon but wanted to come directly to the source to review. The grill is not screen. It's an actual grate and that makes a big difference. They did not cheap out on the wood either. It's thick and sturdy. Pick one up for repotting jobs, sifting dirt on to seeded grass etc. It's handy to have.

Tom Carver
Excellent product!

I built something similar many years ago which performed poorly. This is what I wish was available for purchase back then. Excellent product!

Louise Farlan
A+ Item

Bought it on amazon and I am using it at my potting table. It really brings life into the older worn out soils

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