Garden Gift Set - Great Gift for Gardener - Garden Sifter with 3 Garden Tools

A lovely personalized gift for the gardener on your list or a great addition to your family's gardening tools. Includes a garden sifter made from sustainable cedar lumber and a gardening tool set; stainless steel trowel, transplanter, and hand fork with ash wood handles.

Our cedar sifters naturally resist the rot and decay that can happen with four seasons. The traditional hardware cloth in the sifter has been replaced with a stainless steel grate that is far more durable and rigid than the screens and mesh typically used in sifters. The gaps are 3/8” across, as we’ve found this to be the perfect size for a multi-purpose sifter. The intermediate size of the sifter itself is ideal for sifting for individual pots and small gardens. The product edges are rounded for comfortable gripping. Sift into a tote, bucket or wheelbarrow. You’ll find it perfect for sifting 1-2 shovel fulls at a time and it’s very manageable to hold.

The Trowel, Transplanter and Hand Fork offer lots of flexibility for a variety of tasks around the garden. The tools are made with durable ash handles (just like baseball bats are made from) and metal portions are crafted from heavy stainless steel with strong, hand-applied welds. No rivets or spot welds to break! They're wonderful to work with and you will notice the difference as soon as you hold them.

Sifter Dimensions : 15" x 17" x 3.5H.
Stainless Steel Grate : Gaps 3/8” across.

Garden Tools Dimensions :
Trowel : 3.5" W 13" H
Transplanter : 3" W 13.5" H
Hand Fork : 3" W 13" H

Garden Sifter is made in our shop in Lancaster
Garden Hand Tools are Made in Japan


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