Large Cedar Garden Sifter

This Cedar garden sifter is made from rough cut cedar lumber in a rustic styled construction. It’s been lightly sanded but left very natural and unfinished for those who prefer a more natural appearance.

The mesh is a stainless steel grate that is far more durable and rigid than the screens and mesh typically used in sifters. The gaps are 3 / 8” across, as we’ve found this to be the perfect size for an all-purpose sifter.

The larger size of the sifter itself is ideal for sifting on a wheelbarrow. Perfect for sifting 2-3 shovel fulls at a time and the extended curved handles make it very manageable to hold.

• Sifting Grate Area 20”x17”. Perfect for sifting 2-3 shovel fulls at a time

• Rock Cleanup - Freshen up your landscaping rocks by removing leaves, sticks and other debris. The larger mesh holes are the ideal size for removing unwanted debris.

• Compost/Soil Cleanup - Sift compost to disperse nutrients and get a uniform product, or breakup tired potting soil into workable material.

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