Tofu Sumo Press

For those who have mastered the arts of vegetarianism and veganism, we're proud to introduce the Sumo Edition of our new Tofu Warrior Presses! Each decorative hole is masterfully cut to create a harmonious pattern, and give your tofu pressing some serious zen!

Inspired by our Tofu Warrior Press Series, we've designed The Sumo to remove the water from a full block of grocery store sized tofu* in one pressing!  Simply place the tofu in the press, apply the weight (weighing in at a hefty 6 pounds) and let The Tofu Sumo Press do the work for you. In as a little as 15 minutes, the press removes up to 35% of the tofu's total weight in water! By removing water, the tofu is made into a blank canvas for you to create some serious flavor stories! Marinades? Rubs? Sauces? The choice is up to you!

Looking for a more exciting tofu adventure? Forget the bamboo molds, and use The Tofu Sumo Press to craft your very own tofu from scratch! Just prepare your favorite tofu recipe and line the press with cheese cloth or butter muslin. The Sumo with give you a delicious (and awesome looking) block of tofu in no time! Let's Recap:

☑ No BPA

No Springs

☑ No Screws

No Sweatshops

☑ No Nonsense

☑ Lifetime Guarantee!

Tell you more? The Tofu Sumo Press is great for pressing moisture from canned vegetables, and even making some kinds of cheeses. It also looks great on countertops, and doubles as the heaviest door stop known to man. Just don't stub your "tofu" on it! Alternately, you can leave The Sumo on your desk at work and spark awkward conversations with your co-workers about your vegan life. Make some tasty tofu with our Tofu Sumo Press today!

Made in our Shop in Lancaster, NY

Note: Tofu Ninja and Tofu Sumo Presses are identical aside from the aesthetics of the design and function the same way.



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I have had other Tofu presses. They have broken or malfunctioned after a certain period of time. I like the simplicity of the Tofu Sumo Press. There are no bands or springs to break. No plastic that will crack and it's pure simplicity. No screws and no thin or sharp metal.


I waited a few weeks to get my press as they were sold out. It was well worth the wait!

This gorgeous little Sumo Tofu Press is beyond perfection! The craftsmanship, quality and appearance are everything I hoped for from an American Company!

I bought other items as well and my supportive comments are the same for each of them!

In this day and age I know of no other company who can hold a candle anywhere near the high standards of RAW RUTES!!!

I compressed my first container of already “extra firm” fresh tofu for between 30-60 minutes and got over 1/8 cup of liquid from the tofu! Amazing!!

I very highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to purchase the finest quality tofu press on the market or any of the other fine items they manufacture!! Quality is unsurpassed!!

Delighted with my Sumo Tofu Press

I couldn’t be more pleased. The press is top quality and looks so cute on my kitchen counter.
The fact that it was manufactured in the good old USA makes it even more special. And the shipping via the USPS went very smoothly. I kept getting updates even as it was handed over to Canada Post and made its way across Canada to me in Vancouver BC. There were no duties or customs brokerage fees.
Thank you!

Love it!

I absolutely LOVE my Sumo Tofu Press! I did a lot of research before buying this. I do not like to waste money on cheaply made items. This press received so many great reviews, and it is made in the US. It is heavy, and it's works really well while holding the block shape. I decided on the Sumo because I liked the pretty cutouts and the red accent. If that doesn't matter to you, the black one is exactly the same product for a lower price. You cannot go wrong buying this product. Support a great company and enjoy quality made products!

Love my Sumo tofu press

I bought the Sumo a while back and have been using it to press store bought tofu - works very well. I recently decided to start making my own tofu from scratch again and did so for the first time today. I like extra, extra form tofu and pressed it for about 40 minutes and it came out wonderfully.

I used to press my tofu in a colander with a plate on top and a jar for weight. It worked but then you get an odd shaped block of tofu. The Sumo was easy to use, easy to clean, and my tofu block was the perfect shape. It is the perfect size for curds from 1 lb (2.5 Cups) of soybeans.

I appreciate that it is all stainless steel and made in the USA. Thanks for a great product.

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