Tofu Sumo Press

For those who have mastered the arts of vegetarianism and veganism, we're proud to introduce the Sumo Edition of our new Tofu Warrior Presses! Each decorative hole is masterfully cut to create a harmonious pattern, and give your tofu pressing some serious zen!

Inspired by our Tofu Warrior Press Series, we've designed The Sumo to remove the water from a full block of grocery store sized tofu* in one pressing!  Simply place the tofu in the press, apply the weight (weighing in at a hefty 6 pounds) and let The Tofu Sumo Press do the work for you. In as a little as 15 minutes, the press removes up to 35% of the tofu's total weight in water! By removing water, the tofu is made into a blank canvas for you to create some serious flavor stories! Marinades? Rubs? Sauces? The choice is up to you!

Looking for a more exciting tofu adventure? Forget the bamboo molds, and use The Tofu Sumo Press to craft your very own tofu from scratch! Just prepare your favorite tofu recipe and line the press with cheese cloth or butter muslin. The Sumo with give you a delicious (and awesome looking) block of tofu in no time! Let's Recap:

☑ No BPA

No Springs

☑ No Screws

No Sweatshops

☑ No Nonsense

☑ Lifetime Guarantee!

Tell you more? The Tofu Sumo Press is great for pressing moisture from canned vegetables, and even making some kinds of cheeses. It also looks great on countertops, and doubles as the heaviest door stop known to man. Just don't stub your "tofu" on it! Alternately, you can leave The Sumo on your desk at work and spark awkward conversations with your co-workers about your vegan life. Make some tasty tofu with our U.S.A. Made Tofu Sumo Press today!

Made in The USA

Note: Tofu Ninja and Tofu Sumo Presses are identical aside from the aesthetics of the design and function the same way.



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