2 Gallon Food Grade Plastic Pail

This 2 Gallon Plastic Pail is the perfect companion for your Harvest Fiesta Stainless Steel 15L Fruit Press or tomato strainer! We're proud of you for recycling those kitty litter buckets and plastic pails from behind the take-out restaurant, but it's really bumming your cider making buddies out. After-all, homemade cider doesn't quite pair well with that linen fresh scent or thosesalty soy sauce flavors. Save those buckets for the garden and upgrade to this lovely white pail! Not only does it fit perfectly under the collection base, it also has a snap-on lid for convenient storage. And it definitely fits in the fridge easily.  Made from food safe plastic and perfect for any food making activities, including fermenting and brining (hello pickles!).

Made in The USA 🇺🇸


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