#3 Electric Tomato Strainer Machine

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This Italian Made Tomato Strainer Machine is perfect for processing any and all kinds of tomatoes in any state (Raw, Steamed, Boiled, Fire Roasted), into delicious purees! Maybe you're still trying to figure out just what a tomato strainer machine is? Let us paint a picture for you: Imagine a meat grinder or food mill specifically designed for tomatoes, with an added function: it separates the skins and seeds from the actual tomato flesh, while pureeing it into the perfect consistency for sauces, ketchups and the best (and freshest) Bloody Mary you've ever had!

Here's how it works: As tomatoes are fed into the hopper, they are moved down a spiral auger and pressed against the holes on the screen/cone. The auger gets progressively smaller, and the tomato continues to along the strainer holes. Only the pulp is able to exit the holes, and the seeds and skins are forced out the end of the cone into a waste bucket or even directly into your compost pile! 

We've tried all the tomato strainer machines out so you don't have to. That's right. Plastic ones, Vintage Ones, Cast Iron Ones, Aluminum U.S.A. Made ones. While we're partial to U.S.A. made products, we had to throw in the towel with this one. No one makes a tomato strainer quite like the Italians, and for just a little more than some of the nicer manual models out there, you can have an electric model that'll get the job done faster for years to come! Tell you more?

Here's what you get: A 400W heavy duty electric motor with gears permanently lubricated with food grade oil. The motor is fitted to accept a beefy square driveshaft which means it won't round off or strip out like that value blender you bought at the discount store. The hopper, slash guard and collection tray are all stainless steel. The auger housing is cast iron and coated with a food grade epoxy that is resistant to corrosion and rust. The auger itself is constructed from a food grade resin  for maximum durability, quiet operation and NO metal shavings or grinding.  This model is capable of processing up to 300lbs of tomatoes per hour. In other words, as fast as Uncle Sal can feed them into it! 

If that's not enough, come fall time you can put this machine to use making some of thefreshest apple sauce out there. The included strainer cone has 1.5mm holes and is great for apples, but we also offer cones for a variety of other food projects like jams, pumpkins & squashes. Bringing the people you love together to continue a time honored food story? Now that really is amore!

Made In Italy 🇮🇹

400 Watts - .3HP - 110V Motor

Processes Up To 300Lbs of Tomatoes Per Hour

Tomato Pusher Included



Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Strainer/auger jams easily

The last 3 times the unit was used the tomatoes went through the machine fine.
The problem occurred during disassembly. The strainer was jammed in the cast iron housing. It took a considerable amount of force to twist the screen off. If you are weak or a female there is no way that the screen will twist off.
I would rate this machine zero stars if that was an option. For the cost of this machine it should perform without issue.
Potential root causes: poor design, poor manufacture, poor quality control.
Also, the epoxy is cracking and peeling.

Great product, great customer service!

Used this for the first time tonight now that my garden tomatoes are coming in. I had a little trouble with the motor at first, but an email sent to customer service after hours was answered right away (Thanks, Chris!) and the problem was solved! (Tightened a little too much at the factory. Loosening the drive shaft a bit did the trick!) This is going to make processing my tomatoes a breeze this year.

Steve Bissonnette
What a difference

I was hesitant to purchase a relatively expensive machine - but when my cheaper strainer gave up the ghost I decided to take a chance. The Reber looks and feels like a machine hell bent on providing years and years of service. It was easy to assemble. My first run was a batch of apples, using the tomato screen. The Reber did it's thing with ease. I'm so confident in this machine that I ordered the two extra screens for squash and berries. Rock on Reber!

Excellent value

We're back for a second one of these machines. We split our time between two residences on different sides of the country. We're making jams with it at one home and tomato sauce at the other! Also apple sauce went very well - steam them until soft, skins and all. I like that most of the components are stainless so they cleanup nice and stay shiny.

A. Re

Works very well. We made 50quarts of sauce.

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