Heavy Duty Electric Grater

You asked and here they are! These gorgeous, graters are made just for us in Italy from the finest components around. Once you handle one, we’re sure you’ll agree. They’re specifically designed to grate hard Italian cheeses, bread, nuts and dark chocolates into a fine, wonderfully consistent powder or dust form! It’s a microplane with a motor. Asiago, Romano and Parmesan cheeses as well as their flavorful rinds can be grated in just a matter of seconds! Additionally, stale breads can effortlessly be turned in the finest of bread crumb perfect for a variety of breading and frying applications! 

Each machine comes equipped with a heavy duty, 450 watt motor, safety sensor and razor sharp, removable grater roll. Also included is a stainless steel collection bowl with lid for easy storage of the finished product. 

Made in Italy.

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