Bloody Mary Gift Set | Tree Brunch Gourmet Cocktail Picks

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Our Bloody Mary Gift Set is perfect for cocktail lovers and brunch lovers alike! We’ve paired TWO sets of our Tree Brunch Cocktail Picks with Twang-a-Rita Sunrise Spice rimming salt and Tabasco Sauce to craft your ultimate Bloody Mary drink. The rimming salt is the perfect blend of mild chilies, spices, kosher flake salt and a hint of lime while the Tabasco sauce is the go-to to add a little extra heat to your drink.

Turn each Bloody Mary cocktail into its own personal crudités by stacking on olives, pickles, peppers, cheese cubes, veggie chunks, fruit chunks, lemon wedges and more. Each pick is shaped like a beautiful tree of many branches. Appetizer chunks go on easily, stay on securely and perch beautifully for quick grabs. - Cheers!

  • Tree Brunch Cocktail Picks - 4 Picks - Build Epic Bloody Mary Garnishes on These Fun Skewers!
  • McIlhenny Tabasco - 4oz - Add a Dash or Three to Spice Things Up!
  • Twang-a-Rita Sunrise Spice Rim Salt - 4oz - A Flavor Explosion with Every Sip 

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