EPIC - Ginger Bread Bottle Opener

Our EPIC Heavy-Duty holiday bottle openers are here to liven up even the toughest of holiday get-togethers: Simply combine with six twelve-ounce bottles of beer and watch yourself become the life of the party! You'll also feel great knowing that you never settle for less than the best, even when it comes to bottle openers.

These beautiful babies are made from ultra thick, not for novice, too big for your key chain, recycled content stainless steel! Because REAL brewmeisters recycle. So gift one to your host, gift one to your bros and gift one to the one you love the most. Just make sure not to show up at your next holiday humdinger without one!

  • TWIST or FLIP Your Beer Open with Some Holiday Spirit!

  • EPIC Holiday Bottle Openers Made From Recycled Content Stainless Steel

  • MADE from Ultra Thick Stainless for Even the Toughest of Holiday Get-Togethers!

  • Packaged in Holiday Themed Gift Box :)

  • DESIGNED & Made in Buffalo, NY

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