European Crafted Fruit & Veggie Peeler, Tomato Peeler & Julienne Slicer 3 Pack

Unchanged in design since 1947 this triple header lineup is sure to be a knockout fight! First up: The Fruit and Veggie Peeler... Perfect for apples, cucumber, potatoes, beets and just about anything else you'd ever want to peel. His blade and body are crafted from stainless steel for lasting durability. Next fighter: The Tomato Peeler... He's just as durable, but with tiny, razor sharp teeth to peel the skin off any tomato in his path! Finally: The Julienne Slicer! It's all about the footwork, agility and finesse here. The Blade scores and slices tiny strips in one seamless motion. Matchstick carrots have truly met their match! 🥕🥕🥕🙈

Dishwasher Safe

Made in Switzerland 🇨🇭


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good peelers

These are of excellent quality - I personally don’t find a lot of use for the julienne but it works well.


These are great peelers! I love them.

Good quality

These are very nice and shiny. Each has a different function and they all are quite handy. But for me theres a small learning curve to using this style of peeler vs American style ones. I can tell as I continue to use it this European style is actually a better and more natural technique as well as safer.

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