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Raw Rutes

Raw Rutes Tree Brunch - Gourmet Cocktail Pick

Enter The Tree Brunch - The Ultimate Cocktail Pick, ready for crafting Epic Bloody Marys, Shocking Screwdrivers and Magical Mimosas! Ditch the wimpy skewers, the splinters and the waste and embrace the new face of cocktail picks! Stack 'Em High Wise-Guy! Celebrate the All-American institution of drinks the morning after drinks!

The Tree Brunch Cocktail Pick is perfectly sized for pint glasses and is designed to help you stack all of you favorite garnishes to the max. It'll work quite nicely in other glasses too though. Because who wants to eat just one olive? You may find yourself brunching out to new garnishes. Work your way up to more advanced items like vegan chicken strips and waffles!

For Mimosas and Screwdrivers, Mangos, Kiwis and Strawberries are the perfect toppers that will make your morning delicious and nutritious! The choices are endless but for the sake of humanity, don't put just one blueberry on it. The universe will collapse on itself from disappointment. Also Jerry Seinfeld will do a bit on you. (What's the deal with...)

We are super proud and very excited to say this product is BORN and MADE in Buffalo, NY! The Tree Brunch is made from 60% minimum recycled content. Each piece receives a special polishing using ground walnut shells before heading out to Bloody Mary lovers across America. Work Hard and Brunch Harder friends! 

● Set of Two

● Dishwasher safe!

● Flat for Easy Storage

● Made in the U.S.A. - Buffalo, NY!

● Constructed from Stainless Steel with 60% Recycled Content - 100% plastic free for a lifetime of use!