Rondack Campfire Tripod | Compact Campfire Cooking Tool

Don't forget our Rondack Compact Campfire Tripod as you cook up your next outdoor adventure!

The Compact Tripod tool can be combined with branches to create an awesome hanging cooking setup. The welded chain can be adjusted for optimal grill height and the S-hook is ready for hanging cooking pot.
Designed to be compact and lightweight, making them the ideal size to throw in your backpack and keep your packing light.

HOW TO USE : Locate 3 branches that will be of a comfortable length for open fire cooking. Insert each branch into one of the 3 holes in the Tripod Tool and press down to tighten hold. Once the Tripod branch structure is stable, adjust the hanging chain to a suitable cooking height. Hang your cooking pot using the S-Hook at the end of the Chain. Your ready to start cooking!

These make a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast, the hiker, the camper, or the avid backyard campfire chef!

• Tripod Plate
• Pin for securing chain
• Chain with S-hook for hanging pot on
• Linen carrying pouch

Made from durable FDA approved food grade stainless steel.
Designed to last...for a lifetime of campfire cooking.

Tripod : 4in x 3.75in
Branch Holes : 1.25 in
Chain : 30 in length

    Made in our Shop in Lancaster, NY

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