Introducing: The Raw Rutes Kale Razor - Kale and Herb Stripping Tool

Alex @ Raw Rutes | 16 March, 2016

It's starting to warm up outside, and it's time to start thinking about planting some delicious veggies! Here Raw Rutes, we're excited to be introducing the new Raw Rutes Kale Razor this spring! If you love your kale, you know the tastiest harvests come right after a little fall or winter frost! But don't wait until then to pick one up. You'll want this little guy for other jobs like trimming collard greens and chard, and it can also be used on just about every herb that can be grown in your garden.
We spent the winter months testing out the other kale stripping tools out there, and found none of them to our liking, so we crafted our own! Our tool doesn't rip or get stuck. It gently grabs and shears kale and collards from those tough stems and means you'll be making kale chips and delicious salads in even faster! You've got two ways to use it, either the pre-measured holes or you can use the speedslot and slide the tool perpendicular to the stems for even faster shearing. Did we mention that it's not plastic? It's made from recycled food-grade stainless steel, making it just a little sharp, and VERY durable. 
As always, you can feel good knowing that this product is made in the U.S.A. right here in Buffalo, NY! That means you are supporting our domestic economy and keeping jobs here in the United States, where they directly and indirectly benefit us all! 

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