Introducing: Raw Rutes Instant Hickory Smoke

A.W. Cornwell | 25 May, 2016

Craving a little smokiness is your dehydrated goodies? Raw Rutes Instant Hickory Smoke is here to help! Here's the backstory: U.S.A. grown hickory is burned and the smoke is condensed and collected as a liquid, just like alcohol from a still. We put it in bottles. You put it on or in whatever you like! Add it to marinades before grilling or dehydrating. Campouts will never be the same when you bring along smokey, savory eggplant bacon, coconut bacon or tempeh bacon straight from your dehydrator! 

It's also a great way to add a smokey taste to homemade tofu and seitan based jerkies, just add a half a teaspoon to your batch of marinade. If you choose to hunt your own meats our Raw Rutes Instant Hickory Smoke is also the perfect way to add a smokey taste to your venison, salmon or squirrel jerkies (squirrel application not verified). 

More uses? Oh yes! Add a dash to vegan cheeses, nut based and otherwise for a smokey and delicious experience...Instantly! It can also be added to homemade barbecue sauces and hot sauces for a pit-boss level flavor explosion. Using liquid smoke reduces your exposure to the carcinogens associated with smoking, blackening and charbroiling food, so you can feel good knowing that you're making a healthier choice, while still enjoying some amazing flavors! Treat your tastebuds to a trip with some of our Raw Rutes Instant Hickory Smoke. Sometimes good things do come in small packages. 

Made in the U.S.A.

Each glass bottle is fitted with a dripper cap and contains 5fl oz.

Suitable for Vegan, Kosher and Halal diets.


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