Introducing: Harvest Fiesta Digital Dehydrators

A.W. Cornwell | 31 August, 2016

Finally an NSF approved, stainless steel dehydrator perfect for use in restaurants, businesses and of course homes as well! The Harvest Fiesta Digital Dehydrator is a user-friendly, professional-grade digital food dehydrator that is a MUST BUY for raw food diets, families, hikers, home-based food businesses and commercial food dehydrating setups. Comes with a capacitive-touch control panel, digital numeric LED display and tempered glass doors. Fast dehydration without the food losing its nutrient value! The unit is great when you are looking for accurate dehydrating temperatures as high as 175°F and is also NSF certified (Electrical and Sanitary).

The Harvest Fiesta Digital Food Dehydrator packs nutrition and flavor in your food, keeping its natural taste and goodness intact. Preserve the season’s choicest harvest and premium produce and enjoy an active healthy lifestyle!

Back to Basics with The Slow Food Movement

The Harvest Fiesta Brand fuses traditional flavors with modern techniques. Dehydrate your favorite fruits and veggies fresh from the garden and eat wholesome throughout the year.

You can also use the Harvest Fiesta Digital Food Dehydrator to:

  • Preserve your tangy creations,
  • Pack nutritious jerky for camping trips and hiking adventures,
  • Whip up and store healthy dog food treats for the pet lovers and,
  • Make fragrant potpourri with your favorite flowers and herbs for an exotic addition to your home décor. This can also be a great present!

Sturdy Design Ideal for Commercial Cooking and Home Use

Harvest Fiesta Digital Food Dehydrator flaunts a high grade, 304 Series, 22 gauge Stainless Steel interior and exterior. 


  • 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Shelves with 1/4" holes.
  • Completely removable shelves and shelf holders.
  • Tempered, toughened 4mm thick Sliding Glass Doors offering more thermal resistance, long-term durability and strength than regular glass.
  • Accurate Temperature Settings with a 175°F HIGH Temperature holding capability help control dehydration process and avoid fermentation in fruits with a higher water content.
  • Say No to Clunky Mechanical Buttons!The unit comes with one-touch operation with Capacitive Touch Display Buttons that detect the touch of a finger!
  • Numeric LED control, displays 'REAL-TIME' current internal temperature.
  • Long life and great value for money. Compared to most dehydrators available in the market, which use a mechanical relay, Harvest Fiesta Digital Dehydrator has a Solid State Relay that significantly extends the life of the product.
  • Programmable digital timer up to 99hours of worry-free operation!
  • NSF Certified for Sanitation and Electrical commercial cooking appliances.
  • 5 Year Warranty


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