Introducing: Raw Rutes 5 Liter Fermenting Kit

A.W. Cornwell | 29 July, 2013

Homemade for your health

Fermenting is a time honored tradition, one with many health benefits to offer. Sauerkraut as an example, offers a supercharged dose of vitamins C, D and K. It also offers a dose of living probiotics that even the finest yogurts can't compete with. It has been found to help those a variety of health and medical issues like endocrine system complications and autism-spectrum disorders. Many fermented foods that are purchased in the store, whether beets, pickles or sauerkraut have been stripped of these living cultures through pasteurization. Additionally they often contain preservatives, excessive salt and even sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. While all of this gives the products a great shelf life, it also robs them of being the superfoods they could have been.

Our new five liter kit offers an exciting opportunity to delve into fermenting your own veggies. It's easy, and actually pretty fun. Knead the cabbage and mix it with the seasoning packet. Stomp that cabbage to your hearts delight with the American Maple Stomper. After you've packed it all in the pot, fill the water channel around the rim, ensuring a tight seal that will keep the good stuff in and let the bad stuff escape. After you're done, document the project on the chalk label. The pot looks great on the counter, and makes it easy to keep an eye on your tasty edibles. If cabbage isn't your thing, pickle beets or red onions which are delicious in a salad, or make a batch of dill pickles that will knock your socks off!

We know you'll be coming back for seconds.


~A.W. Cornwell - Director of Sales

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