Introducing: A Stainless Steel Dehydrator - With Ecofriendly Wiring!

We get it. You take youand your family's health seriously. That's probably why you want a stainless steel dehydrator instead of a plastic one. Awesome first step! Our dehydrators are made entirely from stainless steel. Not just covered with it. Made from it. But what about those pesky wires inside? What are they coated in? Not to worry. We've taken care of that too. Our Raw Rutes Dehydrator series are wired using an exciting new product called Enviro-Wire is a Halogen-Free wire designed for use in wiring electrical and electronic equipment. The flame retardant, halogen free insulation gives off no corrosive gases when exposed to fire or flame. Enviro-Wire is also a recyclable alternative to PVC and is Cradle-to Cradle Certified by MBDC. Not that you're exposing your dehydrator to open flames (sorry, that voids the warranty) , but if you were, you can still feel great knowing that there's no nasty chemicals leaching into the air of your home. Now that's something to be excited about!

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