Recipe: Celery Root (Celeriac) Sauerkraut

Chris @ Raw Rutes | 10 April, 2018

Let's get down to the root of it! The Celery Root of it, that is. *GROAN* That's right. You've probably seen this strange vegetable at the grocery store or farmer's market. Maybe the cashier gave you sheepishly asked you "what is this?" as they fumbled through their database of veggie SKUs. But here's the fact: Celery Root (often called celeriac) is a delicious root veggie that can be put to great use in both cooked and raw dishes! Marta put it this way the other day: "Celery and parsley had a baby, and it looked like an ugly potato." 

Because it's what we do, we are going to walk you through a very simple fermented celery root 'kraut' that is amazing! If for some reason (and there is really only one...) you've been avoiding cruciferous vegetables, this recipe is for YOU! 

But first, let's digress and talk about how to get lots of celery root for cheap: FALL FARMERS MARKETS! Just about any other time of year, celery root or celeriac is super expensive. Small ones in the grocery store fetch prices of $4-5 each! Save this recipe for September through November, when you can pick up HUGE and super fresh celeriac at your local farmers market for $2-3 each. Okay back to the recipe.

What equipment you will need:

  • A substantial grater (because you're going to be doing some serious grating. 
  • A fermenting crock.

What ingredients you will need:

  • 6lbs of celery root - peeled and grated.
  • 2 Tablespoons fine sea salt + 1tsp sea salt
  • 1 Cup Spring Water
  • Bucket of Clean Water
  • Optional: 1 tsp of Whole Celery Seed, Whole Fennel or Whole Caraway

First you'll want to take a sharp chef's knife and chop off the tops and bottoms of each root. A vegetable peeler or the chef's knife can then be used to carefully peel off the rest of the ugly flesh exposing the creamy interiors of the celery root.

As you peel them, wash them and place them in the bucket of water to prevent them from browning as you prepare the rest.

Remove the peeled celery root one by one from the water bucket and grate them into a clean container using your grater

Now add the sea salt and spices (if desired) and knead it around until lots of water and juices are coming out.

Pack the hell out of it into the fermenting crock of your choice. Depending on the freshness of the celery root, the time of year, etc. You may find that you need some additional brine to keep the mash submerged. 1 Cup of spring water and 1 tsp sea salt will do the trick. Just mix them up and add them into the container.

Ferment for seven days at room temperature. If an amazing flavor has developed, store that creation in the fridge! If it's still not sour enough, a little longer may be desired. A little softer than a cabbage based sauerkraut, this little ferment is a nice addition to salads, and even sandwiches! Enjoy!


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