The Best Electric Tomato Strainer Buying Guide

A.W. Cornwell | 21 April, 2017

You've probably figured it out by now. Here at Raw Rutes We're all about top notch products that will make your family's harvesting and food preparing activities a treat for yours to come. When it comes to processing your garden's tomatoes into sauces, salsas and juices, why would you ever settle for less than the best?
It took us quite some time and a significant amount of product testing before we found a tomato strainer we felt proud to sell as the BEST! Let us give it to you straight: At one point Wojtek had about 7 different models of tomato strainers in his apartment! That includes all the big names from Italy, and yes, there's quite a few.
For the last four years we've offered only one company's product! REBER Tomato Strainers! Here's a few things to consider when buying a tomato strainer:
  • Auger Construction - For a variety of reasons mostly environmental and cost concerns, very few products these days are dipped in chrome. Instead, they're electroplated, meaning the chrome coating on cast iron items like the auger is very, very thin. It WILL Flake off with extended use! In addition, the metal auger rubbing against the strainer screen will create small metal shavings with each use. 
    • The Reber #3 and #5 Tomato Strainer both feature an auger made from Food Grade Resin. Durable, Effective and Quieter than Metal without the metal flaking or shavings.
  • Auger Housing - Often the cast iron auger housings on tomato strainers rusts. This can lead to seal issues as well as just being gross and unhygienic. Make sure the auger housing has some sort of coating, vs bare cast iron.
    • The Reber #3 and #5 Tomato Strainer both feature a food-grade epoxy coated auger housing for maximum hygiene and durability.
  • Drive Shaft - Many of the cheaper Tomato Strainer offerings and even some of the more expensive ones have hexagonal or even octagonal drive shafts on their motors. When faced with heavy loads these extra sides quickly get ground down and rounded off. They're DESIGNED TO FAIL! Avoid these types of drive shafts.
    • Reber #3 and #5 Tomato Strainers feature a SQUARE Driveshaft for years of durability and use under tough conditions. 
  • Speed - Many tomato strainers bog down in a big way once you actually start feeding them. They strain to process the tomatoes and the process takes forever. Be sure to look at the actual pounds per hour the machine is rated to perform.

     As you can see, we're a little biased. Umm. I mean, super biased. But that's because we really do feel great about these tomato strainers. Any problems? Just don't like it? We'll take it back in the first 30 days. After that you've got a one year warranty from us on the machine. Any problems, just shoot us an email or give us a call.

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