A healthy and delicious fermentation recipe from our friend Tess Masters

We like fermenting. A lot. That's one of the reasons we get excited when we learn of other people who dig it just as much as us! Our friend Tess Masters The Blender Girl is a fermentation enthusiast too and she hosted a giveaway with one of our 5 Liter Crock Kits. There was only one winner in the contest, but everyone can benefit from this awesome recipe Tess shared that's perfect for our fermentation kit! Be sure to check out this tasty writeup and others she has shared here.

Introducing: Our 100% Guarantee

We're pretty proud of these dehydrators. Whether you're making fruit rolls, flax crackers, apple chips or jerkies these dehydrators are up to the challenge! Our dehydrators are different, and they’re here to stay. We manufacture right here in Buffalo, NY because it’s the best way for us to make products you can trust.  We stand behind our units, and that’s why we invite you to try one for 30 days. We’re confident that it will find a special place in your heart and home. If the workmanship, functionality and durability are not up to your standards send it back to us for a full refund (less return shipping costs). 



~A.W. Cornwell - Director of Sales

Raw Rutes Tofu Presses

Meet the Tofu Warrior Family

The Tofu Ninja, Samurai and Sumo are just what you need to make tofu tasty. Those of us with vegan or vegetarian lifestyles are all too familiar with our carnivore friends describing this staple meat substitute as being reminiscent of cardboard or being flavorless. The Tofu Ninja, Samurai and Sumo hack those comparisons to pieces.
By pressing out moisture with three pounds of pressure, these little guys leave tofu ready to absorb any marinades and flavors and crisp up just like the tofu in your favorite restaurant's General Tso's Tofu, Pad Thai, Tofu Skewers or Tofu Scrambles. By using a tofu press, you can turn tofu into a sponge ready to soak up all that tasty goodness.


These products were carefully developed by us, and are made to our specifications. Each of these noble warriors is made entirely in the U.S.A. Buffalo, New York to be specific. You know, the home of Bethlehem Steel and General Motors. If any city knows how to produce a durable steel product, it's probably them. The craftsmanship in each press is sure to turn it into a counter-top feature in your house. You might find yourself bringing it along to parties, barbeques and even bachelor parties(Okay, maybe that's a stretch.). 

If you're ready for a cool addition to your counter-top, kitchen and social life, give one of these little guys a try! We know you'll love it!